Lockdown: 1 520 artists,
296 athletes to receive relief funding
– Minister Nathi Mthwetha

Literature and Arts
Slemani (Iraq) cope with COVID-19

Cherishing First Nations arts and culture – new fund to support COVID-19 recovery

Toronto Tax Break To Help Music Venues

Paraguay postpones until 2021 the application of taxes to digital services

COVID-19 Mask Makers Are Part Of A Larger History

Mission Statement

To offer information resources, technical support and crisis response expertise, to the Cultural and Creative Industries ecosystem, for the strengthening of sector COVID-19 preparedness and response mechanisms

Covid-19 Culture and Creative Industries Portal

This portal is an initiative of Nhimbe Trust, under the Nhimbe Global Affairs Observatory department. Through an innovative, responsive and proactive approach, the Observatory curates culture, arts and heritage oriented interventions in response to complex emergencies. Programming is targeted at countries / communities at risk of conflict, in conflict, engaged in post-conflict reconstruction, affected by natural disasters and impacted by political or socio-economic ‘crisis.’

The COVID-19 global health crisis has tremendously impacted the functionality and functioning capacities of cultural and creative industries, placing a demand for the formulation of concerted responses that are timely, accessible, resilient and targeted. To date, there are a plethora of initiatives and strategies that have been curated by various institutions, individuals, governments, government functionaries and communities, as a means of supporting the cultural and creative industries ecosystem, to ensure that it maintains a degree of functionality despite the devastation of the current health crisis. This portal maps these interventions, for increased accessibility of opportunities, research tools and communiques that are available to cultural and creative industry stakeholders, within and beyond the ambit of their geographical areas of operation.


Concerted Effort Beyond the Immediate Crisis

Through research analysis and critical reflection, the portal provides information resources and expertise aimed at strengthening cultural and creative sectors’ capacity to respond to crisis. This intervention strategically addresses:

  • 1. The development of resilient systems (structural, institutional, financial etc.) that can be leveraged on in times of crisis
  • 2. CCI Complex Emergency Preparedness
  • 3. CCI Emergency Assistance Coordination
  • 4. Cultural Rights and Human Centred Crisis Relief

To contribute to this information resource portal, email us at info@cci-covid19.org or reach us through the portal’s contact form.