Asia and the Pacific: Opportunities




Para Sa Sining: #HomeNotAlone
Description: Financial assistance for artists and cultural professionals in need of immediate support during the pandemic
Eligibility: Performing artists, cultural workers and production crew in the Philippines.
Singapore Unbounded Relief Fund 
Description: Emergency relief grant for writers affected by shutdowns on programming because of COVID-19
Eligibility: Playwrights, screenwriters, songwriters, journalists, and arts reviewers from Singapore or with Singapore Residence


Government of South Australia: COVID-19 Arts Grants Support
Description: The COVID-19 Arts Grants support art making, creative development and professional development across all art forms. It will be a condition of funding that independent artists and smaller organisations will be primary financial beneficiaries
Creative Endeavour Quick Response Grants for Independent Artists & Innovating Practice Quick Response Grant ($5 000 – $10 000 grant) (31 March Deadline)
Expressions of interest for arts organisation collaborative grants ($100 000 grant) (14 April deadline)


HomeFront: Funding for Canberra Artists 
Description: The ACT Government recognises the immediate support needed for Canberra artists who have lost their income and ability to maintain their arts practice as a result of COVID-19
Grant Amount: $10 000
Deadline: 17 April 2020


Our Democracy: Fundraising Campaign for Artistes in India
Description: Help support Rs. 5000 per month for 6 months starting May 2020, for over 100 families of artistes across India affected by COVID-19


HongKong Arts Development Council: Support Scheme for Arts and Culture Sector
Description: Strengthens support towards small and medium-sized arts organisations and arts practitioners whose activities and work were cancelled or impacted
Grant Amount: Varies per grant / subsidy
Deadline: Ongoing