Culture and Creative Industries: Statements


Berlin Artists press release on provision of an Emergency Aid Fund

Exhibitions and performances are being cancelled, venues closed, gigs postponed, part-time jobs in cultural institutions or in the catering trade are gone: the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are a threat to the livelihood of thousands of artists in Berlin from all artistic fields. Nobody pays them a fixed salary and hardly any artist has the financial means to survive even a few weeks without income.

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COVID19 HEVA Creative Sector Response

HEVA Fund instituted measures responding to the crisis, including; closure of HQ, remote working for staffers, cost waivers & moratorium on payments for clients, and an exploration of information on impact on the creative sector in Kenya.

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United Kingdom

Open letter to PM Boris Johnson from CCIs in the UK

Dear Mr Johnson

We need you to act immediately to legally enforce the temporary closure of Grassroots Music Venues. If you do not act to do so, your government will be responsible for the permanent closure and loss of hundreds of these vital and vibrant parts of our communities in every corner of the United Kingdom.

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COVID-19 Public Statement by Bulawayo Cultural and Creative Representatives

COVID-19 has significantly impacted arts and culture programming, having implications on mobility, access to public spaces, funding and the flow of cultural goods and services. In various jurisdictions globally, there has been the formulation and implementation of measured responses (mostly by governance structures in the global north) to these disturbances, with a call to tech and creative sectors to join in these concerted efforts, particularly in developing and strengthening digital resilience initiatives for cultural and creative industries ecosystems; to achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services in the absence of physical mobility.

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